Two Way Radio Use In Niseko & Japan

Two Way Radios BannedWith a lot of people getting excited about ripping it up on holiday in Niseko over the coming winter, we want to make sure you aware of the Two Way Radio Rules in Niseko and Japan so you don’t end up with a nasty fine or maybe even some jail time!

It has been a problem in the past with people coming to Niseko with their family, friends or in a group and using devices such as UHF-CBs and PRS radios. For those of you that do not know, the use of these are highly illegal in Japan if they do not adherence to Japan’s technical standards. Look for this mark:

In the past most people have thought that they are above the laws and ignored the notices that have been placed at airports and around Niseko and Kutchan in English to make sure you aware of the laws.  Now the issue is gaining more attention from authorities as the level of incidents with foreigners increases from being stupid and disrespecting the local community and Japanese laws.

As a guest to Japan it should be pretty simple to respecting the local laws regarding these devices in Japan. Please do  NOT bring them fools!  If your bags are inspected at the airport you could be facing a fine, refused entry into Japan or jail time up to 5 years.

Official press release from the Hokkaido Bureau of Telecommunications here

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