Snow Report

17-02-2013 snow report teaser

7 cms of snow overnight and the winds dropped enough for the upper lifts to open, most of the upper lifts were running slow however. Everyone seemed to have the same idea today as the upper part of the mountain got smashed very quickly, 2 runs around Hanazono 3 and it was done, but a […]

16-02-2013 snow report teaser

12 cms of snow overnight and the team was feeling it after yesterdays session. Very strong winds hit Niseko this morning and this caused havoc on the roads and with the lifts, but today was our day! We headed to Hanazono early this morning and we were¬†greeted¬†with a virtually empty car park, excitement levels jumped […]

15-02-2013-snow report teaser

13cms of fresh snow on the car this morning, after yesterday getting slapped with snow for most of the day it was going to be another day of riding pow! In 24 hours the 360 crew reported that 21cms of snow had fallen so it was time for us to venture out from the norm […]


15cms of fresh snow sitting on the car this morning, after a quick inspection the snow seemed not to be as dry as it normally is, but it was looking like it was going to be a fun day. Arriving on the mountain, things quickly changed, there was much more snow than we expected. It […]

10-2-2013 snow report teaser

1cm of Unicorn dust fell overnight and the cold temps have kept yesterdays snow in prime condition! With a mix of sunshine and snow showers throughout the morning made for a fun way to spend a Sunday with friends. With the still conditions, upper gates opened and there was plenty to be had.  Related posts: […]

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Latest Updates

K Films Niseko 3 Day Trip

K Films hit Niseko for a quick 3 day trip this season and had some fun around the area. Like all Japanese rippers these guys have some silky smooth style, the riders in the film are: KOHEI KUDO SHUHEI SATO DAISUKE MURAKAMI KEISUKE YOSHIDA KYOUHEI YOSHIDA  Related posts: 2012 Samulife #1 Head Snowboard Team Trip […]


This is a great little edit and I love the sound track that goes with it, check it out!  Related posts: …Something Japanese – Niseko – Furano – Rusutsu & Sapporo

japan journals ep3

The latest episode from the Japan Journals crew has dropped! This bad boy is all about shredding around Niseko in the dark! Episode 3 is a full night episode! Featuring Nick Hyne, Nick Brown, Connor Harding, Alex Stewart and Dane Tiene as they take night riding to another level – riding the deepest snow earth […]

japan journals ep 2 - pillows for days-teaser

The Japan Journals boys are have been lurking around Niseko and getting down to business! This time the crew finds some new areas that are loaded with fluffy pillows and plenty of options. Episode 2 features Nick Hyne, Nick Brown, Connor Harding, Alex Stewart and Dane Tiene. Check it out! JAPAN JOURNALS EPISODE 2- Pillows […]

Waza's Cafe - Niseko - teaser

WAZA’S CAFE Ph: 0136 23 3322 (see the menu for a location map) Waza is back! Creator of all things delicious! Waza has previously run The Brick restaurant in the middle village, where we first experienced his burgers. Ever get the feeling that you could eat a greasy, juicy burger the size of your face? […]

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